Dental Imaging Techniques

When you first visit our dentist at Valley Park Dental Care, most of that appointment will be spent taking tests and identifying any dental issues that are present, including x-rays. We utilize a variety of dental imaging techniques at our Valley Park, Missouri, office to ensure that our clients receive the most thorough diagnosis. Take a closer look at the various tools we use, below. 

Digital X-rays

Among the most commonly used dental imaging techniques, digital x-rays are effective and expose patients to less radiation than film x-rays. The imaging results help our dentist identify any growths or irregular issue with your gums, teeth or enamel.

Intraoral Camera

Another common dental x-ray, the intraoral camera is used when our dentist needs to be able to get a clear view at the inside of your mouth. It's a very useful tool that provides better visibility and accurate diagnosis.

Our dentist at Valley Park Dental Care utilizes a variety of dental imaging tools to ensure an accurate and thorough diagnosis. If you have any questions regarding our dental imaging techniques, contact our team by calling our Valley Park, Missouri, office at 636-529-1460.